N Scale Union Pacific Big Boy 4-8-8-4 #4014

You are looking at a brand new N-Scale  Kato 4-8-8-4 Union Pacific Big Boy locomotive.  This is the last one I have available. I do not plan on doing anymore sound installations in the big boy due to its extremely complex nature. This engine has had ESU Loksound installed.  The decoder is a Loksound 5 with the latest firmware installed. The decoder is located in the tender along with the custom 3D printed sound enclosure and speaker.  The speaker/enclosure has maxed out the available space in the tender which makes this engine sound incredible.  The front headlight and rear tender light are controlled via the decoder and can be turned on and off by the headlight button on your controller.  The factory installation of the front light uses track power to light the headlight so it is always on.  That is not the case with my installation.  The engine also has no rear tender light from the factory so my installation has that feature added as well.  The wiring between the locomotive and tender is extremely well hidden.  You will not see it under almost all circumstances.  I have programmed the ESU sound file so the engine fires up immediately upon receiving track power.  The dynamo is also on regardless of whether the headlight is on or off.  The front headlight is on in both forward and reverse.  The rear tender light only comes on when the engine is in reverse.  This is how most locomotives operate but that can be changed via the Lokprogrammer.  If you are purchasing this locomotive and have a special programming request let me know and I will take care of that prior to shipping the locomotive.  The chuff is set to go out of sync from time to time.  CV 250 can change that to be more or less out of sync.  The engine includes all parts included from Kato.  Kato will be offering these with sound sometime in the future.  They will be equipped with Soundtraxx Tsunami 2 so if you want the superior ESU Loksound system this is your chance to get that. There is only 1 of these available. The price is $625.00 shipped. – Sold-

This is a video of the engine in action.