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10/15/23 Update

Now available are two sets for the Atlas HO C424/C425 radiatur shutters.  They can be found on the page below.

Alco Century Series Details – HO


7-16-23 Update

A few new parts have been added which can be found through the links below.  Also, some of the out of stock parts are now back in stock.  There should be another locomotive or two up for sale soon as well.

KV-1023H Metal Cab Awnings – Short

KV-174H EMD GP18/20 Grill and Shutter set

KV-175H EMD SW1000/1500 Metal Cab Window Frame Set

Alco Century Series Handrail Stanchions (set c)



2-28-23 Update

A new page on the website has been created for one of a kind models for sale.  It can be found at the link below.


Locomotives & Rolling Stock


1-2-23 Update

Happy New Year!  Most of the out of stock parts are now back in stock.  We are working hard to improve inventory control so we have less out of stock parts but sometimes things get away from us.  Anytime a part is out of stock it usually takes about a month to a month and a half to replenish the stock.    There are some new parts in stock.  Links are provided below.  The HO scale U30c Phase 1 set was scheduled to be released today but a part omission from the fret will push the release back into February.  We are sorry for the delay but mistakes do happen unfortunately.

Athearn Genesis F-unit Window Frames

EMD GP11 Details

EMD GP40P Details (CNJ, NJDOT, Early-NJT)