US&S N2 Dwarf Signal (2 per set) – $6.95


This set is the first 3D printed product offered by KV Models.  It is an HO Scale US&S N2 dwarf signal.  The set includes 2 dwarf signal housings and 2 signal housing doors.  The signal housing doors are designed to hold 0402 SMD LED’s in the proper position to light the signal.  The LED’s I recommend are Edgelec 0402 pre-wired SMD LED’s that are available on Amazon.  




This is the finished US&S Dwarf signal showing a restricting indication.


This is the finished US&S Dwarf signal showing a stop signal indication.


Assembly starts with the top LED being installed in the signal door housing.  The wires are threaded down through the hold in the bottom of the housing.  The LED is pressed into the rectangle at the top of the housing.  I find it best to arrange the wires of the LED so that the are bent downward and centered at the bottom of the LED.  I do this before pressing the LED into the housing.  A small drop of Canopy Glue holds the LED in place.

The bottom LED is then installed in the same manner as the top LED.  This LED will sit on top of the wires from the top LED.  

Be sure to test the LED’s prior to installation and again prior to attaching the signal housing door to the signal housing.

The installed signal housing door should look like this.  It is not necessary to use any adhesive as the press fit is tight and the paint will work as an adhesive.

There are a few options for the signal housing lenses.  The image above shows a 1mm fiber optic rod that has had the end mushroomed with flame.  This is what I chose to do for the signal shown here.  You can also use canopy glue to make a lens, Krystal Klear or 200lb test fishing line.  The fishing line is a snug fit inside the signal housing opening.  Whatever you choose, be sure to paint the signal housing prior to installing the signal lens!