Alco RS-2 Radiator Screen/Fan – Kato/Proto Models – $5.95

This is an etched Alco RS-2 radiator fan and screen set made by KV Models. The parts are HO Scale. The set is made to fit the Kato models.  This set also fits the Atlas Yellow Box RS-11 model.  The set requires cutting out the plastic screen material within the round radiator housing frame.  The fan is attached to the mount (looks like a 4-way tire iron) using a piece of round styrene as a spacer.  The whole fan/mount assembly is attached to the inside of the shell.  The screen is attached to the top of the round radiator housing.  The fan blades can be bent to give them pitch and a more 3 dimensional look.  CA is recommended for attachment.  The material is stainless steel and is ridiculously sturdy compared to thin etched brass. You will not bend this part out of shape by accident.

If you are planning on using the screens and fan on a model that we don’t have listed you can use the guide below to determine which radiator screen/fan set would be suitable for your application.  The measurements are of the outside diameter of the radiator housing.

KV-317H Atlas RS32/36 = 18.05mm

KV-316H Kato/Proto RS-2 = 17.5mm

KV-314H Atlas Yellow Box RS-3 = 17.809mm

KV-315H Atlas Classic RS-3 = 17.3mm