Freight Car Details


The parts on this page are made for a variety of models from many different manufacturers.  

KV-1801H Freight Car Stirrup Set A – $4.95 – Out of Stock



This set works with a variety of freight cars (mostly hoppers).  The set contains 4 stirrups, enough to do all 4 corners of a car.  The stirrups require 2 folds per stirrup.  The base of the stirrup is designed to be attached to the bottom of the freight car with CA.


KV-1802H Freight Brakewheel Set A – $4.95


KV-1802H Freight Brakewheel Set A – $4.95


This HO scale set contains 3 etched brakewheels which can be used on a variety of freight cars.  We have also successfully used them in the cab of EMD switchers to represent the cab handbrake wheel.  A styrene spacer is attached to the back of the brakewheel in the center and then the assembly is attached to whatever you are adding it to.  CA is highly recommended. 



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