Detail parts to upgrade the Athearn RTR CF-7 locomotive.

KV-122H – CF-7 General Detail Set – $15.00

KV-123H – CF-7 Intake Grille and Shutter Set – $7.00

KV-124H – CF-7 Pilot Plate Set – $6.50

KV-125H – CF-7 Opened Cab Window Set – $6.50

KV-126H – CF-7 Cab Door Set – $6.00

KV-144H EMD CF-7 Antenna Base Plates – $5.50 – Out of Stock

Shipping is FREE for orders over $50.00 within the US.  Foreign orders are shipped at the standard USPS rate.

Below are a few photos of a Midsouth CF-7 that has been detailed with our CF-7 detail sets.