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5-11-19 Update

Parts for the Atlas O-scale SW8,9,1200 are added to the website and our eBay store.  All sets are in stock except for the SW8,9,1200 radiator core (KV-111P).  A mistake with the artwork has delayed the release of that part for a month.  We expect to have that in early June.  In conjunction with the parts for the Atlas O-Scale SW8,9,1200 is the release of an O-Scale set for diesel cab sunshades.  These are on a separate page.  Also, new for KV Models is the release of the HO Scale NW5 detail set.  We worked with Pacific Northwest Resins to create this set to work with their resin NW5 shell.  Ordering information for the shell is available through a link on our NW5 page.  Lastly, we have re-introduced our HO-Scale DL&W relay cabinets after being off the market for nearly 10 years.  Links to all these items are below.


Atlas O SW8,9,1200 parts


O-Scale Diesel Cab Sunshades


HO-Scale NW5 detail set


HO-Scale DL&W relay cabinets