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8/13/21 Update

More new HO Scale parts are arriving.  There are several sets currently on the horizon for Alco models.  That includes an N-scale set of details parts for the Atlas C420.  Currently in the design stage is a set for the N-scale Atlas C628/C630/C636 as well.  This is just the beginning of the bunch.

Alco RS11 (Atlas Classic) Detail Set

Alco RS3 Side Door Panel Set (DL&W/EL)


6/26/21 Update

More new parts have arrived which are linked below.

EMD SW7, NW2 and SW1 Long Hood Handrail Stanchions

EMD SW and NW Cab Side Access Hatches

EMD SW and NW Cab Steps 

EMD E&F-unit Triple Beam Headlight Conversion Plates