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6/26/21 Update

More new parts have arrived which are linked below.

EMD SW7, NW2 and SW1 Long Hood Handrail Stanchions

EMD SW and NW Cab Side Access Hatches

EMD SW and NW Cab Steps 

EMD E&F-unit Triple Beam Headlight Conversion Plates

3/16/21 Update

Another shipment of new parts has arrived.  They are linked below.

Freight Car Stirrup Set A

EMD SW Series Sill Mounted Handrail Stanchions

Alco S Series and RS-1 Handrail Stanchions

2/9/21 Update

More new parts are rolling as well as restocked parts.  The newest parts are listed below.

EMD SW Long Hood Door Handles

HO Scale Steam Tool Set #3

S Scale Steam Tool Set #3

1/13/21 Update

Parts are coming in right now.  Restocking as well as some new parts.  The new parts are listed below.

Alco Long Hood Door Handles

Locomotive Class Flags “white flags”

Susquehanna Rerail Frog Brackets (RS1, S2)

Lehigh Valley DL-701 Detail Set

Baldwin Long Hood Stanchion Set

Budd Style Passenger Car End Safety Gates


12/22/20 Update

Our manufacturer is taking a few weeks off to close out 2020 so the shipments of parts we are expecting for December will be slightly delayed.  The next shipment to arrive should be here around 1/10/21.  This will be followed by 2 other orders within the same week.  These orders will replace the out of stock items and also include some new parts.  More information will be posted when the first shipment arrives.

11/30/20 Update

There are some new parts that have hit the website.  First, the HO scale EMD SW7 detail set is here now.  We have added steam detail to our website for the  first time as well.  The parts that are available are a detail set for the HOn3 Blackstone Models K-27 and some steam tools for the tenders.  Also, a first for us is the addition of S and Sn3 scale parts.  The steam tools (ash and coal rakes) are available in S and Sn3 as well as their HO scale counterparts.  We are expecting to have another shipment here in 1 to 2 weeks.  That will include the LV DL-701 detail sets amongst other things.

HO Scale EMD SW7 Detail Set

HOn3 Blackstone Models K-27 Detail Set

HO/HOn3 Steam Tools Sets

S/Sn3 Steam Tools Sets