GE SF30c


GE SF30C Detail Set – $15.95

This set of details is for the  SF30C.  It includes the top screen for the radiator section, side and end griles, roof mounted gyralight plate and the roof mounted antenna plates.  I will have photos of the parts attached to the model when I recive a shell.  The parts are stainless steel and are extremely sturdy.  



SF30C Handrail Stanchion Set – $14.95

This is a set of HO scale etched GE handrail stanchions for the SF30c locomotive.  The stanchions are made out of phosphor bronze and are strong as well as solderable!  They work perfectly with phosphor bronze wire for handrails.  The set includes enough stanchions to complete 1 locomotive. Also included are drilling guides for drilling the holes for the stanchion mounting pins. The stanchions with the base supports require the supports to be bent back at a 90 degree angle to the stanchion. The pins at the base of the supports are then inserted into the holes drilled into the walkway. CA is perfect for attaching the stanchion to the sill.  The top of the stanchion has a long tab that is folded down around the wire handrail.  You can either use solder or CA to attach the wire with the tab wrapped around it.