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EMD Switcher Detail Parts


EMD SW-1 (Walthers) Details

EMD SW8, SW9 and SW1200 (Proto 2000) Details.

EMD SW1000/1500 (Athearn RTR/Bluebox)

EMD SW1001

EMD MP15DC (Atlas)

EMD NW2 (Kato) Details

EMD NW5 Details


EMD SD/GP Detail Parts




EMD GP, SD, E&F-Unit Detail Parts


EMD E&F-Unit Detail Parts


EMD E&F-Unit Details


Alco Detail Parts


Alco RS Series Details

Alco Century Series Details


GE Detail Parts


GE Locomotive Details


Fairbanks Morse Detail Parts


Fairbanks Morse Locomotive Details


Baldwin Detail Parts


Baldwin Locomotive Details


Everything Else!


General Diesel Details (All Models)

Passenger Car Details

Scenery Oriented Details



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