HO-Scale Products


General Diesel Parts (EMD, GE, Alco, Baldwin)


General Diesel Details (EMD, GE, Alco, Baldwin)


EMD Switcher Detail Parts


EMD SW-1 (Walthers) Details

EMD SW8, SW9 and SW1200 (Proto 2000) Details.

EMD SW1000/1500 (Athearn RTR/Bluebox)

EMD SW1001

EMD MP15DC (Atlas)

EMD NW2 (Kato) Details

EMD NW5 Details

EMD RS-1325 Details

SD50-SD60 Details


EMD SD/GP Detail Parts



EMD GP-7 & GP-9


EMD GP, SD, E&F-Unit Detail Parts


EMD E&F-Unit Detail Parts


EMD E&F-Unit Details


Alco Detail Parts


Alco RS Series Details

Alco Century Series Details


GE Shells, Kits & Detail Parts


GE Locomotive Details

GE U34ch Kit

GE U33c Phase 1 Shells



Fairbanks Morse Detail Parts


Fairbanks Morse Locomotive Details


Baldwin Detail Parts


Baldwin Locomotive Details


Everything Else!

Passenger Car Details

Scenery Oriented Details (signs, signals…etc)

Track Details – Joint Bars



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